Wise Care 365 Pro

Stabilize, Secure and Speed Up Your PC with one click - Wise Care 365 !

Wise Care 365 includes the fastest scanning engine, it's a bundle of important registry, disk, and other system utilities for your PC. Easy to use and effective, Wise Care 365 is the best solution to improve your PC's performance. Get Wise Care 365 and your computer will never run slow again

Absorbed all the features of highly praised Wise Registry Cleaner and Wise Disk Cleaner, Wise Care 365 cleans disk and registry, optimizes system, protects privacy, etc. makes itself stand out from other PC maintenance and optimization utilities available today.
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124 votes Vote

Fix the issue with closing the program. I can only close it by Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

Tent, 20.07.2012, 08:47
1 comment
95 votes Vote

Stop the program from accessing the internet, all the time.

Terflip, 20.07.2012, 10:11
75 votes Vote

Dont worth $76.9 for a single copy for life time

it Dont worth $76.9 for a single copy for life time has some individual freeware tools to do all those things.
kmkmahesh, 20.07.2012, 07:20
53 votes Vote

Stop the program from accessing the internet, all the time.

All Wise products try to access the internet every time you use them, please make this unnecessary. It does this even if the help use improve the program is unchecked. Also the ability to close the program might be nice. Also way to...
Terflip, 20.07.2012, 10:07
37 votes Vote

the ability to close the program without having to use the task manager

steve, 20.07.2012, 15:39
2 votes Vote

My Opinion

I believe is one of the best care programs on the market. Yes I agree with you guys that needs improvements but as the UI looks and what it can do I can say only that is one of the best on the market ATM. I hope are others who likes as I do :)...
SergiuCip, 20.07.2012, 17:57
1 vote Vote

See an edit registry option for advanced users and driver search/updater option.

kiwikel, 20.07.2012, 22:12
0 votes Vote

This program does not work well with itunes

After installing and using this program, Itunes iphone restore will not work, thank god for system restore!!!, The program must block or delete something that itunes requires to restore an Iphone. I tried 3 times to install and use this program...
Rob Andrews, 24.07.2012, 16:48
0 votes Vote

Stop deleting my history even set not to.

Craig, 22.07.2012, 03:40